Inspiration Award
We asked Miss England heat organisers around the country earlier this year;

Who inspires you? A parent, family member, friend, a contestant or someone you know in the community that has done some amazing work?

For the first time ever we presented a national inspiration award at the Miss England final. 

Paula Gunn was voted as the national winner of the first ever Miss England Inspiration Award for her inspiring work in the Liverpool area. Sue Waite the Miss Hertfordshire organiser was a judge for this award has been the Miss England Top fundraising heat over the last 3 years for Beauty with a Purpose.  Paula wins a make over-day with tips with Pierre René Professional.

You can see our other shortlisted inspirational people below.

Chloe – Ball Hopkins – Miss Bristol finalist

Chloe applied to be a contestant at the Miss England regional final in Bristol . After chatting  on the phone  C hloe went along to meet Stages hair design , Richard and Simon . 

Richard and simon said ” When we met Chloe she was  an amazing young woman , she ask ed if someone who was wheelchair bound could enter the competition . We saw n o boundaries and could not see why a disability should stop her. She has lead an amazing life entering the next para Olympics in Archery, but n ot only did she inspire us but went on to inspire the girls in the pageant as her communication skills are great and she helped so many nervous girls on the evening even though she was as nervous as they were. Chloe even  went on to make many friends including the reigning Miss Bristol Gina Underhill.

Chloe is always up for new challenges , she has recently modelled showing having a disability is no reason Not to try things in life. She well and truly disserves recognition that she may inspire other to be as she is Determined in life.

Agatha Lawton – Miss Hull City 2017

Firstly, I would like to introduce myself as Miss Hull City 2017 and talk a little about my decision to enter Miss England and more importantly why I am representing the wonderful city of Hull in this hugely important year. I moved to Hull over five years ago on an exciting adventure to start my undergraduate degree in Sport Rehabilitation at the University of Hull. Since that time, I have graduated, and successfully integrated myself within the local community. I have totally fallen in love with the East Riding area, including the city of Hull.  I am now studying for my Master’s degree at the renowned Hull York Medical School to become a Physician Associate. This involves me working in the local NHS, my base being at Castle Hill Hospital on a neuro rehabilitative ward. Along with the training and work I carry out in the hospitals, I also spend time in general practice. General practice is perhaps one of my favourite placements, here I help treat, assess, obtain histories and offer diagnosis with a wide range of patients under supervision of my clinical supervisor. Nothing puts a smile on my face more when I see patients walking out the door less anxious about their health due to the help I have given that day.  

Alongside my Master’s studies I work in the local community as a Graduate Sport Rehabilitator in a local clinic, Hands That Heal. I am also the head Sports Rehabilitator for the Hull University Rugby League Team where I look after both 1st and 2nd teams during the university season. My work as a rehabilitator sees me treat, diagnose and assess a whole range of musculoskeletal and neurological injuries. Past roles have seen me work for the RAF as an Exercise Remedial Instructor (ERI), which I thoroughly enjoyed. This role saw me rehabilitate and promote exercise with injured service men and women, helping them overcome recent injuries and return to active service. I know if I had not decided to do my Master’s this role is what I would definitely have continued to work in. Supporting our troops is very close to my heart, with members of my own family serving and having many friends in the forces.

Nick Gazzard – Chairman of the Hollie Gazzard Trust

In February 2014, Nick Gazzard’s daughter, Hollie, was murdered by her ex-boyfriend at the hair salon where she worked. Before this catastrophic event, Nick was living a happy life, married with two children. All that changed after Hollie’s death.

As a result, Nick is determined to increase awareness of the devastation caused by domestic abuse and stalking. He has been instrumental in the Trust’s development and fundraising initiatives and works with the police to help improve stalking services for victims. Nick also helps organisations – providing expert advice on Domestic Violence and Abuse (DVA), Coercive Control and Stalking in the workplace. This enables companies to realise their responsibilities towards their employees and put essential measures in place to help those affected.

Nick is a passionate motivational speaker with a desire to help other. Fearless and candid, Nick has presented and run training for organisations such as the Police and Paladin National Stalking. Nick also organised the Coercive Control and Stalking conferences in 2016 and 2017. 

Madison Joyce – Miss Staffordshire finalist

Madison joyce , 24 from stoke on Trent, I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in 2015 at the age of 22, I underwent a left mastectomy with full lymph node clearance , six rounds of chemotherapy, 15 rounds of intensive radiotherapy and many hormone therapies that will continue for 10 years. When I found out I had the “C” I decided I had two choices it was let it take over my life or try and make it as positive journey as I possibly could, I decided to get involved in as much as possible, I became the face of a dare2bare campaign for dougie mac during chemotherapy to raise money and promote body image during treatment I didn’t want other people to feel ashamed of how they looked, warrior scars and certainly nothing to be ashamed off! I got involved in a young persons reference group with Clic Sargent to promote this wonderful charity that helped me, gave me contact to other young people  and continues to encourage me to achieve my goals in life and now I would like to help other young people in the same situation . I am part of an amazing support group called the pink sisters, (My Miss Staffordshire Sponsor) so proud to say that!! all the ladies have been through or are currently going through treatment for breast cancer, they have helped me so much and support me through everyday life. When asked what do I do to be an inspiration, I get upset I never asked, or set out to be one. I am and always will be someone that through what I been through looks at the positives and will also advise people to do positive things if that inspires people then maybe more people should follow suit. So I challenge you today, be more positive.

Candy Elliot 

Candida Elliott a mum of two was diagnosed with Womb Cancer in 2014.

Candida and her family were not prepared and didn’t realise the effect it would have on the family. However she did not want to let cancer win. Candy wanted to make a change and help others despite being ill herself. 6 months after the first operation, and still  sufferring she decided to take up running and ran The Race for Life and  supported  Coping with Cancer. Then she ran The Colour Run and then the JCB Tough Muddy run. Through this, £1500 was raised and it made her feel positive. During her 2nd operation and recovery she helped transform a beautiful garden for the cancer patients of Ward 31 at the Leicester General Hospital with £5000 she had raised to fund the garden transformation with the help of Palmers Garden Centre. Candy and her daughter Megan enjoyed donating 60 Easter Eggs to the Leicester Royal Infirmary Children’s Hospice this Easter as they know how difficult life is living with this diagnosis.  Candida has proven to be a role model for her daughter Megan who won the Miss Leicestershire title in 2016 and competed at last year’s Miss England final in Southport.   

Candy is still receiving treatment in Leicester and has said that with a positive attitude, anything can be achieved as this has inspired Megan to think positive about life .